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Training Muay Thai in Bangkok Tips

Find the BEST muay thai training camps
Figure out the cost of living
Know what to expect training In Bangkok

Thinking about training muay thai in Bangkok? I don’t blame you. You’re bound to improve your technique, conditioning and overall muay thai training if you travel to the capital of Thailand to train.

But is living and training at a muay thai camp in Bangkok the best fit for you?

There are so hundreds of awesome muay thai training camps to choose from all over Thailand, it can be difficult to figure out what location and what gym would be best for you.

That’s where I’ll be trying my best to help you! The muay thai Bangkok tips below will give you an idea for whether or not living and training at a camp in Bangkok is an ideal situation for you. I’ll supply you with all the resources possible to make your decision easy and stress free!

Is The Bangkok City Life For You?

Training muay thai in Bangkok is definitely only for the people who can handle the city atmosphere. There are a lot of great benefits you can gain from training at a muay thai camp in Bangkok (amazing instructors, fighters and training partners) but there are also a lot of negatives about living in the capital of Thailand;


  • The best muay thai training camps
  • A chance to train with elite fighters and training partners
  • Unlimited entertainment outside of muay thai training
  • Cheap living expenses (accommodations, food, entertainment, transportation)
  • Nearby legendary Lumpinee and Rajadamnern stadiums


  • Dirty streets and polluted air
  • Over populated and crowded
  • You stick out as a foreigner which leaves you more vulnerable for locals to scam you

The Best Muay Thai Training Camps In Bangkok

These are the top muay thai Bangkok gyms that I’ve heard about from people I’ve trained with, read about in forums or done minor research on.

There are a vast array of muay thai training camps in Bangkok to choose from it can be a bit overwhelming. In the end the final decision at which muay thai camp you’ll train at will be based on your preferences in regards to cost, location, quality of training and quality of living.

The muay thai Bangkok gyms below are just a few of the camps you can choose. If you are looking for in depth reviews and to talk to other people who have visited these gyms, a great resource to check out is

Have any tips or advice about training in Bangkok?

Leave a comment at the bottom of the page!

Share with muay thai nation your training experiences, Bangkok stories and overall opinion on training muay thai in the capital of Thailand! What camp did you train at? Was the training as good as you hoped?  What tips or pieces of advice you would give to someone looking to train in Bangkok?

Top Muay Thai Bangkok Gyms

  • 13 Coins
  • Bangkok Fight Club
  • Dr Saenchai Muay Thai
  • Fairtex Bangplee
  • Fighting Spirit Gym
  • Kaewsamrit Gym
  • Khanomtom Muay Thai
  • Ingram Gym
  • Master Toddy’s Gym
  • Por Pramuk Gym
  • Rompo Gym
  • Saengmorakot Gym
  • Sitsongpeenong
  • TUFF Boxing Camp

Cost Of Living In Bangkok

Muay Thai Bangkok Training Costs

This will highly depend on the muay thai camp you decide to train out of.

If you stay at the gym and pay for a room as well you’ll usually get some kind of discounted price for the training.

If you live off site then the training will probably cost slightly more.

It will also depend on if you pay per session or if you plan on paying per week or per month.

Your best bet would be check out the muay thai training camps websites or the forums!

Room Rates

The average cost to stay in a muay thai training camp might be a little bit higher than if you were to venture out and try to find a room outside the gym.

One problem – most landlords will see you are foreign and assume you are rich and loaded. To find a reasonable rate for a room it would be ideal to have a thai friend/acquaintance help you out.

Most rooms run anywhere from 4000 baht a month to 12,000 baht a month at muay thai gyms like Fairtex.


Pretty much anywhere you go will be cheaper than western prices you pay back at home. That being said, you can still get SUPER cheap food if you look in the right places.

Just like in Phuket, Pattaya and all over Thailand, the best bang for your buck are the food stalls where you can pick up fresh food for around $1 US (20-40 baht).

On the other hand if you feel more comfortable with the familiarity of restaurants back home, you can spend more and eat at a recognizable name.


skytrain bangkok transportatioSuper cheap and super affordable.

The taxi’s in Bangkok are much cheaper than the Tuk Tuk drivers you’ll find in places like Phuket and Pattaya.

You can also take the sky train and the subway where daily and monthly passes are pretty cheap and can get you to pretty much anywhere in the city.

As long as your not planning on traveling all over the city and training at all the muay thai gyms possible, transportation won’t be a huge part of your budget.


This will come down to how well you can barter.

No matter what area of Thailand you go to, you have to be a good negotiator to get the best prices possible while shopping.

If you don’t like to barter or feel weird doing it, your best bet is to hit up the malls where the prices are usually set… but even then you can usually bargain them down if you wanted.

The Thailand Muay Thai Training Guide

thailand training guide ebookI can highly recommend the Thailand Training Guide because I bought it myself when I first traveled to Thailand and I can guarantee that it will save you time, money and stress!

All the information I gave you is a good start to get an idea for where you want to train, how much money you need to save and what to expect… but the Thailand Training Guide will give you even more information about EVERYTHING you need to know.

Bill Forestell (the author) has been living and training in Thailand for a number of years now and has compiled a ton of useful information to help make your trip to Thailand safe, easy and stress free. This ebook will help you;

  • Choose the right gym based on your situation, personality and goals
  • Avoid common scams that most foreigners fall for
  • Save money on food, accommodations, tourist travels and YOUR TRAINING
  • Figure out how to go about getting a travel visa
  • Learn important Thai customs so you don’t disrepect the culture and embarrass yourself

I guarantee that you’ll be less stressed/anxious and save time and money by buying this ebook. It’s worth every penny (and it’s only $28!)

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