Muay Thai Bag Drill: Switch Kick to Switch Knee

How To Improve Your Balance, Footwork, and Stamina

Range is tricky.

Unless you’re kinesthetically gifted, you’ve no doubt had trouble with measuring range. Thankfully, there are many methods for building kinesthetic awareness.

The ability to find range is the ability to…well, I think it would be simpler were I to illustrate the downfall of the inability to find range. The inability to of a fighter to understand and feel range in fighting would be akin to the inability of a composer to hear.

When do you need to side step? When should you step in? When should you back out? May the below video help you answer these questions. Pay special attention to which part of your shin or knee is touching the bag. If the bag is sneaking up on your knee when you’re supposed to be kicking, you’re probably not in the right range.

Muay Thai Bag Drill: Switch Kick to Switch Knee

There will come a time where you are in the proper position and at the proper distance to throw a kick but your opponent steps in and jams it. Such will be a tricky day for you if you are unprepared, but fear not.

We are here, as we always are, to guide you and bring about contingency plans. The only thing better than plan A is plan B.

Your ability to balance yourself will ultimately be your ability to…well, do just about anything. However…don’t just realize the power of remaining balanced. Also see the power of unbalancing folk…as we will explore later.

Muay Thai Heavy Bag Drill For Kicking Balance

The supreme beauty of off-balancing someone. Yes, what can be better than trapping your opponent against the ropes, knocking them off balance with a kick, and then knocking them into another solar system with a jumping, spinning back kick?

There is more beauty than one may think, as we will see with Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns:

Epic Glory Moments: “Knockout of the Century” ‒ Raymond Daniels | Lawrence Kenshin

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