Muangfalek Kiatvichian: My Life As A Muay Thai Fighter

The Cheeky Champion With Ferocious Punches and Kicks

bang_fight2Muangfalek has been around.

He’s a two-time Thailand Boxing Champion and Rajadamnern champion. He fought during the Golden Age of Muay Thai and now teaches at Evolve MMA. He even worked as a motorcycle taxi driver and taught Muay Thai to ONE FC lightweight champion Shinya Aoki and members of the Yakuza.

Muangfalek comes from a family of fighters. His father was a fighter and his two elder brothers were also fighters.

He did not like Muay Thai when he first began training, but he always put on a show whenever he fought. Like most Muay Thai champions, he began training from a young age. He began when he was 8, and he first fought when he was 11.

The trait of┬áMuangfalek that stood him out in his childhood was also the trait that stood him out during his fights, his joking personality. He was taught gymnastics at a young age by his friend, and he would incorporate that into his Muay Thai. He’d duck under kicks in a complete crouch, and maybe he’d lean back from the kicks a little too far, almost doing the complete Matrix in the process.

However, despite his incredibly entertaining style, it took him more than ten years to get a title fight, but when he did…he earned it about as much as one can earn anything. He was able to take that belt home and show it to his father, the man who taught him Muay Thai in the first place.

Unfortunately, this was a bittersweet affair, because his father was sick and in a coma at the time. It was tough for him to see his father, the man who had taught him and made him a champion, in such a position of vulnerability.

Muangfalek showed his father the belt he had earned, and he believes his father may even have cracked a smile despite being in a coma.

Now he spends his time in Evolve MMA in Singapore and teaches others as his father did him. Everytime Muangfalek gets into the ring, he’s there to entertain and make people smile, and that is his goal every time he gets on the mats to teach. He’s there to build people up as his father did for him, and he’s there to make people smile…just as he did his father.

Find out more about the story of this great Muay Thai champion

===>My Life as a Fighter: Muangfalek Kiatvichian<===

To learn more about Muangfalek and feel his personality, check out the video below:

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