MTM: 10 Heavy Bag Training Tips

Muay Thai Monday… How to Work the Heavy Bag

The heavy bag is one of the best tools to improve your Muay Thai game. The heavy bag is your opportunity to build muscle memory, try new techniques, and sharpen every single one of your skills. But heavy bag training can get boring. That’s what Sean is here to fix.

This week on Muay Thai Mondays, Sean Fagan is discussing 10 heavy bag training tips to improve your Muay Thai.

Each week, Sean will host a live stream on his Facebook page Muay Thai Guy. There he will cover any topic, ranging from Muay Thai techniques to weight cutting, from strength and conditioning to mindset. If there is a topic you want to see Sean tackle, please a suggestion in the comments of the video or ask Sean yourself in the Q&A’s he does at the end of each live stream.

In this episode, Sean covers the following topics:

  • Starting w/ Tight Technique
  • Tightening the Basics
  • Focusing on Defense
  • How to Train Footwork
  • How to Stay Balanced
  • …and much more!

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Every Monday @ 9 AM EST, Sean will be live streaming on his Facebook page Muay Thai Guy. He will cover topics from techniques, fight strategy, mindset, nutrition, etc. He will also answer any and all questions you have about Muay Thai, entrepreneurship, life, etc.

If you seek to master Muay Thai, follow Muay Thai Guy on Facebook & join us for the live stream every Monday @ 9 AM EST.

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Evan is a gourmand of combat sports from Taiwan. He appreciates the beauty of Muay Thai movement and all other movements. He's got no rudder so if the winds blow northerly, he goes north. His goal is to achieve and appreciate.

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