MTG 106: Vegan Nak Muay Angela Chang Talks Living and Training at Sitsongpeenong in Thailand

The Muay Thai Guy Podcast – Episode 106

Photo Credit: Rachida Naceur

Photo Credit: Rachida Naceur

It’s very rare when someone is willing to take a leap of faith and pursue their Muay Thai dreams full on, but Angela Chang took that leap and ended up living, training and fighting out of Sitsongpeenong Gym in Thailand.

Angela is one of the new writers for Muay Thai Guy and has been putting out quality articles about the training in Thailand. Not only that, but she’s been able to get interviews with top fighters like Sittichai and Dechsakda from Sitsongpeenong which have been awesome.

I decided to bring Angela on the podcast to pick her brain and find out more about why she decided to make the trip halfway across the world to live the Muay Thai life. We discuss a variety of topics including:

  • Where her Muay Thai journey started and how she ended up training at Sitan Gym in NY.
  • How Sitan’s owner and head coach Aziz Nabih has been more than just a great trainer, but a great role model for her and other fighters as well.
  • What events led to the decision for her to drop everything to travel to Thailand and focus solely on Muay Thai.
  • How the training in Thailand has differed from back home.
  • What a day in the life is like of training at Sitsongpeenong Camp.
  • Why she decided to change her diet to a Vegan diet.
  • How she’s been able to keep eating vegan even in Thailand where there is a lot of meat.
  • The common myths of being vegan and how she is going to write a post on it 😉
  • And much, much more!
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