MTG 104: Training Chat With WBC Champ Brett Hlavacek from The Wat

Muay Thai Guy Podcast – Episode 104

hlavacek2Ever since I first started in Muay Thai, Brett Hlavacek’s name was one that I recognized early on.

He was one of the top dogs who trained under the great Kru Phil Nurse from The Wat, so I knew whenever I watched him I would be in for a treat. With his powerful roundhouses, calm composure and deadly counter skills, it was always fun to watch him fight.

Now Brett holds the WBC belt and has been racking up wins both locally in NYC as well as abroad. On top of that he will also be hosting the new Nak Muay Nation training camp in July and is looking to fight at one of Thailand’s top promotions like MAX Muay Thai or Super Muay Thai. We talk about his upcoming trip plus much more including:

  • How his start in Taekwondo eventually led to his love for Muay Thai.
  • Why he decided to start competing at the early age of 12.
  • How the Muay Thai scene was much different when he was growing up in the sport.
  • His decision to move to NYC to train full-time under Phil Nurse at The Wat.
  • What made him want to pursue Muay Thai as a career rather than a traditional job his parents wanted.
  • What his past experiences in Thailand have been like and what he expects in his upcoming trip.
  • How he’s developed into a coach and trainer throughout his years at The Wat.
  • What he and Kru Nurse look for when bringing up young fighters.
  • How he develops young fighters through training, interclubs and demo fights.
  • Why as he’s gotten older he’s decided to cut less weight for his fights.
  • And much, MUCH more!

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Brett’s Leg Kick Feint To Sweep Technique


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