MTG 099: Muay Thai Chat with Marcus Oakley of Goblin Muay Thai

Muay Thai Guy Podcast – Episode 99

1517395_489166804554901_6653954751954431381_nOne of the most passionate, outspoken people I’ve come across online has got to be Marcus Oakley.

Going by the pen name Charlie Hustle, he has written a number of posts for Muay Thai Guy and has started a number of conversations about the sport that are crucial to it’s growth and exposure. From his “Top 10 Most Influential Fighters” to the Curious Case of the Phantom Casual Fan Offensive in Muay Thai“, Marcus always has a unique perspective to share and that’s why I had to get him on the podcast!

We talk a variety of topics including:

  • How he got his start in Muay Thai after watching Blood Sport and seeing Tong Po.
  • How he initially wanted to train for himself but gradually fell in love with coaching.
  • Why he decided to open up his own space and the challenges he’s faced doing so.
  • The differences between fancy, high-tech gyms to the old school, bare bone gyms.
  • His thoughts on the fight scene in the midwest and how it’s hard to find quality gyms to train at.
  • Why women competing in combat sports is such a big thing for him (hint, he has 3 sisters)
  • What’s it like teaching and coaching his significant other.
  • His thoughts on the gyms who don’t allow their students to train at other gyms.
  • What is means to be a “true” martial artist.
  • And much, much more!

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