MTG 092: Fighting Yodsanklai & The Kung Fu Mindset with Marco Tentori

Muay Thai Guy Podcast – Episode 92

marco tentori vs. yodsanklai fairtexNot many people would take a fight against Yodsanklai Fairtex without any hesitation… but Marco Tentori is not like other people.

With his background in Kung Fu, Marco has a number of unique advantages that most other fighters don’t have. After training Kung Fu for years and having trouble finding full-contact fights, Marco transitioned to Muay Thai which eventually led him to fighting the pound-for-pound most dangerous fighter in the world, Yod. We discuss how this fight ended up being made plus…

  • How he initially got into Kung Fu by watching Bruce Lee movies.
  • How the mindset he’s developed thanks to Lung Fu has helped him keep an open mind and “be like water”.
  • What the transition from Kung Fu to Muay Thai was like and why he decided to take that route.
  • Why he believes Kung Fu has given him an advantage against a majority of his opponents.
  • What his career has been like up to his Yodsanklai fight.
  • How the fight between Yodsanklai came to fruition.
  • How he was able to go into the fight without being intimidated by the aura around Yodsanklai.
  • What his training camp was like leading up to the fight and how important his mental training was.
  • His thoughts on the fight including how he was able to deal with Yod’s power left roundhouse.
  • How he was able to drop Yodsanklai with an elbow in the 2nd round.
  • A simple mistake he made prior to the fight that ended up tiring him out quicker than he expected.
  • Plus much, much more!

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