MTG 089: The Parallels Between Muay Thai and Life with CROM Chris Romulo

Muay Thai Guy Podcast – Episode 89

chris romulo aka crom muay thaiI usually get inspired by every single interview I do for the podcast, but talking with Chris Romulo of CROM Physical Culture took my inspiration to a whole other level.

Chris has always been a popular figure in the NY Muay Thai Scene. He was a successful amateur and pro Muay Thai fighter who held the WKA Super Middleweight Title before retiring and opening up his own gym.

Since then Chris has given back to the community and sport (he’s been a huge help with The Muay Thai Project and Liam Tarrant) that he loves so much and continues to do so even when faced with extreme difficulties… like when Hurricane Sandy destroyed his gym and left him homeless for months on end.

We discuss how he was able to overcome such adversity and much more:

  • How he found Muay Thai after taking a beating in a street fight.
  • What made him decide to begin coaching/owning his own gym after his fight career.
  • Why heart is so important not only in Muay Thai, but in life.
  • His story about opening up his gym in Rockaway Beach and then having it destroyed by Hurricane Sandy.
  • What made him decide to try opening up again in Rockaway (which is notoriously known for flooding) and not move to Manhattan where he has more of a following.
  • What changes he’s made as a gym owner to help get more members, including his newest edition called “SHREDbyCROM”.
  • What SHRED is and why he thinks it’s been such a huge driver in memberships while also catering to the Muay Thai fighters.
  • His thoughts on Crossfit and why he thinks it didn’t work well at bringing members into his gym.
  • The importance of having a base of fitness members to keep the lights on for the fighters.
  • How his 16 years in the sport helped him create SHREDbyCROM.
  • What the workouts and exercises of SHREDbyCROM consist of.
  • His thoughts on bullying and why learning Muay Thai is so important for the youth
  • How important the Muay Thai Project has been to kids in his community.
  • The stories of how these kids came from difficult life situations and have been able to turn them around thanks for Muay Thai.
  • How Muay Thai has gotten him prepared for life’s hardships.
  • And much, much more.

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