MTG 085: The Importance of Team Chemistry and Building an Amateur Career with Gaston Bolanos

Muay Thai Guy Podcast – Episode 85

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Chances are you’ve either seen or heard of the spectacular spinning back elbow knockouts by young professional fighter Gaston Bolanos. Gaston has been making a name for himself in the pro ranking of the Lion Fights Promotions and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. We discuss how he’s gotten to where he is today plus much more including:

  • How he initially became involved in Muay Thai as a youngster in Peru.
  • What his amateur career was like and why he decided to turn pro.
  • What is was like having to fight adults when he was a teenager because there was no one else to fight.
  • Why he feels like his team at CSA and coach Kirian Fitzgibbons have had a major impact on the direction of his career.
  • What a typical day of training consists of.
  • How having a motivated team of fighters surrounding him helps him sharpen his skills.
  • What his strength and conditioning routines generally consist of.
  • How nutrition and clean eating is an important part of his lifestyle.
  • His philosophy on cutting weight and how he’s fought guys who’ve missed weight on some occasions.
  • If he does any type of video research on his opponents.
  • What his goals are for the rest of his career and where he sees himself going.
  • Plus much more.

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