MTG 084: Building A Muay Thai Gym in Issan, Thailand with Frances and Boom Wattahanaya

Muay Thai Guy Podcast – Episode 84

muay thai gym charity issan thailandMuay Thai and martial arts can be a powerful tool to help people overcome life’s adversities.

In the effort to help the less fortune kids of rural Issan, Thailand, Frances and Boom Wattahanaya have been working tirelessly to finish building a Muay Thai gym to in Boom’s hometown. It’s been quite a journey so far with it’s share of ups and downs, but they feel they are on the right path and talk about it during our interview.

We go into detail about their charitable project and discuss the intricacies of owning and running a gym in Thailand, including:

  • How Frances and Boom met and eventually ended up getting married only 6 months later.
  • What initially gave them the idea to try and open up a gym in Thailand.
  • The steps they’ve been taking to make their gym a reality.
  • The challenges they faced prior to opening up a gym and how those challenges ultimately led to their decision to try to build a gym.
  • What type of kids and adults they see coming to the gym on a regular basis.
  • How they believe that the kids are benefiting from training Muay Thai in a positive, supportive environment.
  • What the life situations of these children are and why Muay Thai is such an important tool to give them a chance at life.
  • The unseen costs that go into opening and running a gym.
  • Why taking the kids to fights are the biggest expense and how it’s important for them to continue to bring the kids to fights.
  • Their main goals for the gym and what their plans are for the immediate future.
  • How amazingly supportive the Muay Thai community has been in helping with their mission.
  • And so much more!
Buy a shirt to donate and show your support!

Buy a shirt to donate and show your support!

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Support a good cause and donate to the Wor Wattahana Gym project created by Frances and Boom!

Check out their GoFundMe page here ===>

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Frances Wattahanaya:

“Boom and I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to our campaign thus far, whether it be via donations, monetary contributions, or monthly sponsorship; it is making such a difference for our fighters.

Every single donation received, regardless of the amount, is positively impacting these kids lives; the affects are long term. It isn’t about alleviating poverty, but about giving these kids the tools to be successful and rise above the ideological poverty that they are so deeply entrenched in. We would like to especially thank the following people and the efforts they made for us:

Thank you to everyone who took the time to send us donations, I wish you could have seen the kids faces when they arrived! Rosie Lee from the UK, Mark DeLuca of Yamasaki Academy, Lynda Chunhawat of Dek Wat Muay Thai, and Matt Neilsen from the USA. Thank you to Sok Sai Gear and Robin Ruteberg for personally delivering your donations and coming to visit the kids. Thank you to Muay Thai Authority for helping round up donations; they will be coming to visit later this year. Thus far, donations received from CROM Martial Training Centre and Bryce Krause. Thank you to Booster Fight Gear for all the equipment, shorts, and supplies to help build our ring.

To Jason de Luca and Stephen Stotmeyer, thank you for pushing us to start the gofundme; we needed the push. Thank you to everyone who has come to visit thus far. And again, to ALL of our contributors, we couldn’t of done this with out each and everyone of you. Crowd source funding only works when we work together, look what we have accomplished!”


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