MTG 083: Strength & Conditioning Chat With TJ Lopez of AMP Athletes

Muay Thai Guy Podcast – Episode 83

tj lopez strength and conditioning for muay thai mma

Wayne Barrett (left) and TJ Lopez (right) doing some functional movement exercises.

TJ Lopez is the founder of AMP (Athletic Movement Protocol) and knows his shit when it comes to strength and conditioning. TJ has trained a variety of athletes from professional fighters like GLORY fighter Wayne Barrett and Bellator Fighter, Lyman Good, as well as, pro athletes like NY Yankess pitcher CC Sabathia. During this chat we cover a variety of topics related to strength and conditioning for Muay Thai, including:

  • How to balance strength and conditioning with skill-related training.
  • Why having a coach and team around you is crucial if you plan on taking your career seriously.
  • What overtraining is, how to avoid it and how to deal with it.
  • The general breakdown of what most strength and conditioning sessions look like, and how it’s completely dependent on the individual and the day of the workout.
  • The importance of periodization and having different phases leading up to a fight.
  • What the “strength, “power” and “speed” phases consist of and why having a solid foundation of strength will help with all other aspects of your conditioning.
  • How to optimize the relationship between big muscles and speedy reactions.
  • Why monitoring your heart rate is super important when it comes to knowing how hard to push yourself and when to relax.
  • Why rest and recovery are so important to athletes who train to compete.
  • What Crossfit is good for and why it’s not necessarily the best choice of workout if you’re a fighter.
  • The importance of evaluating athletes and checking out their movement patterns.
  • And much, much, much more!

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