MTG 076: Simon “Bad Bwoy” Marcus Discusses Upcoming Title Fight Against Artem Levin

Muay Thai Guy Podcast – Episode 76

simon bad bwoy marcus interview glory 21
Simon Marcus is one of the most dominant Muay Thai fighters in the world. With numerous championships under his belt, he’s looking to add another in his next fight against Artem Levin at GLORY 21. I personally can’t wait for this fight because these are two of my favorite fighters to watch and their first fight was awesome!

Anyway, we talk his training leading up to the fight plus much more:

  • How he used to be hard into WWF wrestling and then eventually found Muay Thai.
  • Why it’s been such a great experience training at Siam No.1 with Ajahn Suchart.
  • What it’s been like having a training partner like Matt Embree to train alongside with.
  • His thoughts on his 2 fights at the GLORY contender tournament.
  • What his mindset and game plans were like going into the fight and how he felt afterwards.
  • How he’s adjusted from Muay Thai rules to GLORY rules and what tactics/techniques he’s found more useful.
  • What his training camp with Buakaw was like in Thailand and how he feels it got him prepared for his fights.
  • His mental preparation before fights and how positive, but realistic thinking has helped his career.
  • How he’s recovered from his past 2 fights and how he’s feeling going into his title fight against Artem Levin.
  • What he thinks about rematches and how his training differs depending on the matchup.
  • And much, much more!

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