MTG 074: Kru’s, Ajarn’s, Thailand and More with Brian Sargent

Muay Thai Guy Podcast – Episode 74

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After having his blog post on kru’s and ajarn’s go viral in the Muay Thai world, it seemed necessary to have Brian Sargent on to talk about the controversial post. Besides that we discuss training in Thailand, battling food addiction and much more:

  • What his initial start in martial arts was and how eventually found a Muay Thai gym.
  • How his first 7-month trip to Thailand was a life changing event.
  • What it was like training at a wide variety of gyms, including the gym from “Chok Dee”, Lukbarnyai.
  • Why and how the training differed so much from gyms in Thailand to the gyms back in the US.
  • How to win over the Thai people with humor and goofiness.
  • His thoughts and opinions on the whole “Kru” and “Ajarn” fad where people are labeling themselves high-level teachers after a short training course.
  • What initially drove him to write a piece on this topic and how it grew in popularity shortly after he posted it.
  • Why he originally started his Muay Thai blog and where he sees it going in the future.
  • His battles with weight loss and how he lost 100lbs.
  • Why food addiction and depression can be major factors in someones weight gain and how it should be taken into consideration before judging people.
  • What his plans and goals are for his website, training career and future trips to Thailand.
  • And much more!

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