MTG 072: Maximizing Movement, Injury Prevention, Flexibility and More with Geoff Girvitz of Bang Fitness

Muay Thai Guy Podcast – Episode 72

geoff girvitz of bang fitnessIt’s sexy to talk about power, strength, and speed when it comes to Muay Thai training, but with each of those areas of strength and conditioning, some of the most fundamental aspects are commonly overlooked.

Geoff Girvitz specializes in strength and conditioning for combat sport athletes and focuses primarily on developing proper movement patterns, preventing injury and sticking to the basics. In this podcast interview, we discuss those topics as well as:

  • The importance of developing proper movement patterns to maximize your training output.
  • Why the Functional Movement System is a great tool to figure out your bodies imbalances so you can fix them and become a more well-rounded athlete.
  • How improving your basic body mechanics play a HUGE role in preventing future injuries.
  • What other forms of recovery and injury prevention can help athletes continue to train with high intensity,
  • What types of stretches, movements and exercises go into a quality warmup.
  • Why static stretching is overrated and how you can improve your flexibility with other forms of training.
  • The different types of energy systems and how each one needs to be trained by Muay Thai athletes (and which one is commonly overlooked).
  • What forms of working out tend to be his favorite and why these forms of exercises are so beneficial.
  • The importance of cooling down after a training session to allow your body to recover and take in the benefits of your workout.
  • What type of foods and nutrients are most crucial both pre & post-workout.
  • And much, much more!

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