MTG 071: Kevin Ross Talks Title Defense Against Yamato at Lion Fight 21

Muay Thai Guy Podcast – Episode 71

Photo courtesy of Bennie E. Palmore II of

Photo courtesy of Bennie E. Palmore II of

Kevin Ross is arguably the best Muay Thai fighter in the US and one of the top fighters in the world. He’ll be defending his Lion Fight title in a rematch against Tetsuya Yamato on March 27th in California and talks about his training leading up to this highly anticipated fight plus much more including:

  • How his recovery from knee surgery a few years back has been going.
  • His philosophy on fighting with injuries and why he’ll never back out of a fight.
  • Why he’s decided to take fights on short notice and then benefits/dangers of doing so.
  • How he was able to overcome his TKO loss in the first round of his first fight.
  • What makes his trainer Kirian Fitzgibbons such an invaluable person to have in his corner.
  • Why Kirian decided to bring Kru Dam over from Sitmonchai Gym in Thailand to help train Kevin.
  • The importance of having quality training partners, especially his size.
  • His thoughts on his first fight against Yamato and what he plans on doing differently in the rematch,
  • What it’s been like signing autographs, doing TV interviews and dealing with media leading up to fights.
  • His thoughts on the judging and rules related to Lion Fights and other top promotions.
  • And much, much more.

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