Strength & Conditioning For Muay Thai Breakdown with Don Heatrick of

Muay Thai Guy Podcast – Episode 69

strength and conditioning for muay thai don heatrickThere’s a lot of stuff out there on strength and conditioning, but not a lot specifically for Muay Thai. Fortunately, Don Heatrick is filling this void with his top quality content from his website In this podcast Don discusses a variety of topics that I guarantee will help you improve your strength and conditioning for Muay Thai… so take notes!

  • Where is initial passion for strength and conditioning came from and how it evolved into the Muay Thai world.
  • The main reasons why every fighter and Muay Thai practitioner should be implementing strength and conditioning programs to their training.
  • His thoughts on Crossfit and why he believes having a specific S&C regimen is much more beneficial.
  • The difference between “working out” and “periodization” and why one is far better than the other.
  • The different levels of S&C including the strength, power, and speed phases.
  • Why keeping a training journal/training log is super important to improving your fitness levels.
  • How heart rate monitors should be utilized by serious athletes looking to get the most out of their training sessions.
  • The effects of overtraining and how to avoid burnout.
  • The best types of recovery including foam rolling, nutrition, sleep and much more.
  • What type of core training is the best type for Muay Thai athletes.
  • Why Muay Thai fighters should focus on training and weight lifting on one leg.
  • How to avoid feeling overwhelmed with S&C choices and what types of exercises he feels are the best to do.
  • The difference between the S&C Thai fighters do compared to westerners/foreigners.
  • And much, much more!

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