MTG 066: Richard Abraham Shares His Inspiring Story and Unbreakable Mindset Leading Up To Lion Fight 20

Muay Thai Guy Podcast – Episode 66

richard abraham muay thai fighterI’ve done my fair share of interviews now, but I think this one was the most inspiring one I’ve done to date. Richard Abraham is a professional Muay Thai fighter who has fought all over the world including Russia against #1 ranked Russian champ, Africa against a Ugandan champ, and was the first American to fight and win at the new Lumpinee Stadium.

After making the sacrifices and putting in the hard work, Richard is now making it to the Lion Fight stage and taking on against Jo Nattuwat at Lion Fight 20. We discuss his journey leading up to this point in his career plus much more:

  • How he started fighting at a young age and took part in underground fighting before finding the Muay Thai ring.
  • The amount of sacrifice he’s had to put in away from his family in order to accomplish his dreams.
  • How he’s able to wake up at 4am every morning, work a full-day, and train hard at night almost every day.
  • Why he loves to fight and embraces the day-to-day grind of training.
  • His general training routine and how it’s changed over time with experience.
  • How nutrition places a crucial role in his training and how it also is important for cutting down to 155lbs from 190lbs.
  • His experiences fighting abroad in Africa, Russia and in Thailand and how each one of them was crazier than the next.
  • His thought process before entering the ring and how he goes into every fight with a clear mind.
  • Why he’s so excited to be fighting at Lion Fight 20 against an experienced Thai fighter in Jo Nattuwat.
  • And much, much more.

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