MTG 065: Ajarn Buck Grant Discusses The Spiritual Side of Muay Thai, Kru Certifications and Muay Thai Retreats

Muay Thai Guy Podcast – Episode 65

ajarn buck grantAjarn Buck Grant has had quite a journey in the martial arts world and is now a top level coach as well as an official on the national and international levels. The interview with him was amazing and we touched on a number of topics surrounding the spiritual side of martial arts, and Muay Thai. Besides that, we also delve into:

  • The law of attraction and how it has affected his career as a fighter and coach.
  • How Bruce Lee had a major impact on his training and general life philosophy.
  • The spiritual side of Muay Thai and martial arts and how closely related ring sports are to everyday life.
  • Why he decided to move to Las Vegas to pursue his fight dreams and the lessons he learned in Sin City.
  • Key pieces of advice that MMA legend Randy Couture gave him during his stint in Las Vegas.
  • How meditation has helped him have more focus, intention and awareness in his day-to-day life, as well as his training.
  • How he began yoga as a physical practice and how it’s turned into much more than that.
  • The importance of a morning ritual and creating success habits.
  • His take on Muay Thai certifications and ranking systems.
  • The Muay Thai retreat he held in Costa Rica this past month and when he plans on doing it again.
  • Why spending your vacation time doing a Muay Thai retreat is one of the best ways to take some time off.
  • And much, much more.

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To find out more about Ajarn Buck Grant you can check out his website at and find him on Facebook as Ajarn Buck

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