MTG 064: Gabriel Varga Talks His Upcoming K-1 and GLORY Title Fight in 2015

gabriel varga glory featherweight kickboxerGabriel Varga has been a force in the featherweigh division for a little while now. With his recent tournament win at GLORY 17, he’s set to fight for the featherweight title in 2015. But before he does that, he’s fighting on New Years for K-1 in China. Listen in to his interview where he discusses…

  • How he started in Shotokan karate and how he made the transition to kickboxing.
  • What he attributes to his success beating more experienced fighters than himself.
  • What a normal day in the life is like for him in regards to his training schedule.
  • His thoughts on roadwork, interval sprints and general conditioning.
  • How his training differed for his first tournament and why he decided to go back to his normal way of training for the GLORY 17 tournament.
  • What his weight cutting process is like.
  • Who he’ll be fighting for the GLORY title and what he thinks GLORY has in store for him.
  • His thoughts on the growth of GLORY kickboxing and Muay Thai in North America and where he sees it going in the future.

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