MTG 059: “Lucky” Lloyd Walton and I Discuss The Muay Thai/Kickboxing Divide, Balancing Life With Training and More!

Muay Thai Guy Podcast – Episode 59 

Lucky and his team down in South Florida.

Lucky and his team down in South Florida.

Talking with passionate guys like “Lucky” Lloyd Walton always gets me amped up! After Lloyd reached out to me with a passionate email about his love for Muay Thai and how he enjoyed the podcast, I knew I had to have him on the show.

It was great chatting with Lloyd because as an amateur champ, fight team trainer and father of two, he has a unique perspective on things. We discuss a whole range of topics including:

  • His journey from Taekwondo, to basketball, to MMA and finally to Muay Thai.
  • How Muay Thai brings out the truth in people and how that relates to life.
  • The challenges of balancing being a father of two, an amateur fighter, and the head coach of a fight team.
  • How he was able to build a solid fight team environment of passionate people looking to better themselves through Muay Thai.
  • His plans for turning pro in the near future at age 42 and the “resistance” that holds him back.
  • How far Muay Thai and kickboxing in the US has come and what steps need to be taken in order to see if grow even more.
  • What Joe Schilling told him about growing the sport of America and what needs to be done.
  • Why there seems to be a rift between Muay Thai and kickboxing.
  • And much more!

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