MTG 057: Overcoming Addiction, Learning From Losses and The Paleo Diet with James Gregory

Muay Thai Guy Podcast – Episode #57

james gregory muay thai paleo dietHave you ever hit a point in your life where things are going shitty and you finally make the decision that things need to change now? Well, after years of substance abuse and addiction, James Gregory decided that his life style needed to change before he headed down an even more self-destructive path… and that’s how he found Muay Thai.

James has had his fair share of amateur fights and is always dropping some major knowledge as a contributor on Throughout this podcast we talk about a whole range of topics including:

  • When he initially became aware of his detrimental lifestyle and decided to make a life change.
  • How he fell into Muay Thai after just lifting weights at the local YMCA.
  • How training Muay Thai has been an important tool in keeping him healthy, focused, and disciplined.
  • Why he decided to go Paleo and how he feels it benefits his training and overall lifestyle.
  • How he started fighting at a older age and how age shouldn’t stop anyone from training Muay Thai.
  • His struggles in the ring and how he’s been able to use his struggles as a tool to learn more about himself and his fighting style.
  • How he’s able to keep motivated and training hard after losing multiple fights.
  • How blogging and using the internet as a business tool has helped him live a more flexible and free lifestyle.
  • Why he decided to train with the Thai boxing legend, Coban, in NYC and what it’s like training underneath one of the best fighters of all time.
  • His plans for the near future and what his goals are with his training.
  • And much more!

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Check out one of James’ best articles about Paleo and Muay Thai here. If you’re interested in more stuff paleo, he also wrote an entire ebook Paleo For Fighters that you can find on Amazon. Also make sure to take a peak at his website,, for some simple, delicious recipes to try out (I’ve tried some and they are awesome!).

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