MTG 050: Jason Farrell Discusses Gym Hopping, Training His Fighters, and Opening A Gym

Muay Thai Guy Podcast – Episode #50

jason farrell level up boxing and fitness maryland

Jason (left) has steadily grown a crop of fighters for years and has some beasts ready to turn pro! (Photo Credit: Steve Bauzen of

Jason Farrell has been building his team of fighters for years in Maryland over at Level Up Boxing and Fitness. His guys have only lost 2 closely contested fights in 2014! Jason talks about a number of topics including:

(Feature Photo Credit: Dan Eric)

  • How he took the leap from working a stable job to opening up his own gym.
  • The difficulties of owning and operating a Muay Thai gym.
  • What a normal day of training is like for his fighters and how he prepares them for fight night.
  • The importance of having his fighters best interest at heart
  • Not worrying about “Gym Hopping” and not having an ego when his fighters workout or spar at different gyms.
  • Why drilling and sparring are the main focuses during training sessions.
  • How he warms up and mentally prepares his fighters in the locker room.
  • The importance of centering his fighters in between rounds and giving simple, straight-forward advice.
  • His goals for his gym and fighters and how he wants to be one of the go-to gyms in the US.
  • And much more!

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