Tiffany Van Soest: Mind Bomb #1

In this new blog series Tiffany Van Soest will share her thoughts and insight on Muay Thai, surfing, spirituality and all other aspects of life. Get an inside look at the mind of a world champion fighter and follow along as she continues to make big waves in the combat sports world.

12938214_10156794055450475_6473635292021937236_nIf someone told you, you could live in a tropical paradise and do nothing but the things you love all day, every day, would you think it’s too good to be true?

Or would you see it as a reward bestowed upon you for following your heart’s desires and deepest intuitions?

Hard work and persistence do pay off, after all. For me this was the case which landed me here – Bali, Indonesia “Island of the Gods.” Opportunity knocked on my door and I answered without hesitation.

Bali is an exotic destination. With its lush jungles, miles of rice fields, coconut trees galore and crystal blue waters shaping world class waves over tropical coral reefs; it is a utopia filled with beauty that is rich with culture, tourists, surfers, divers, yogis, soul searchers and now fighters.

After spending more than a few months here, it has become very clear to me that this island is a special place aside from the obvious physical and geographical wonders. It is a magnetic vortex that attracts a certain type of soul. A soul that is either searching for or chasing something, possibly even running from something. Or a soul wanderous, comfortable, and brave enough to leave the comforts of wherever “home” and security may be to live a more simple and peaceful life despite the expectations or demands of societal “norms.”

My “Family” at Bali Muay Thai and MMA are living proof that like-for-like attract. We are all those souls more interested in living our wildest dreams rather than aimlessly running in the rat races of our respective homes. Our dreams just happen to revolve around punching, kicking and grappling.

We come from all over the world and different walks of life but all share a passion for martial arts. On any typical day at the gym on this island you can walk in and find professionals, hobbyists, world champions, fitness enthusiasts, average joes, and anything in between honing their skills and expressing themselves through the physical activity of combat sports. With world class instruction and training, positive vibrations, and a wide variety of quirky personalities, the gym itself is a paradise within a paradise.

To me, setting up my home base here was a no-brainer. I get to train at a high level, continue my journey as a growing martial artist while sharing my knowledge, and surf or just sit on the beach sipping a fresh coconut. The scenery is picturesque, the food is incredible and the cost of living is affordable (even on a fighter’s “salary”).

I feel like this opportunity was a gift from the universe for staying true to my heart and never giving up on my dreams despite any adversity I’ve faced. In return, I will honor and cherish this gift by continuing to do what I do. I know my journey is still no where near its end or even its climax, but Bali Indonesia is playing a huge part in helping me realize and grow to my full potential physically, personally, spiritually and mentally. I am eternally grateful for this island and the special place it holds in my heart.

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