Mind Bomb #5: Samurai Life

Dedication is a Lifestyle


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Training-camp for fighters or any other athlete or person relentlessly pursuing a goal, can become very lonely. Focus trumps every other feeling or emotion until the fight is over or the goal is reached.

For me personally, during training-camp, although I am surrounded┬áby people every day and have an incredible amount of support, most of the time I can’t help but feel alone.

The space between my ears becomes my worst enemy and my best friend all at the same time every training-camp as I get reacquainted with my fears and worries, but also with my self-assurance and confidence.

I learn to sit with my thoughts, good or bad. I learn to deal with any pain whether it is physical or emotional. Stoicism, rather than patience, becomes a virtue.

Just as the Samurai dedicated their lives to their training and their duties, I do the same.

My sole purpose becomes one thing – to fight. My entire life revolves around this one purpose. From the moment I wake up, until the moment I fall asleep, everything I think and do is driven by a single purpose.

From my training, to my rest and recovery, to what I eat (meticulously weighing my food portions) – it is all for the fight, so that I can be the best I possibly can be.

If you’re a real fighter, sacrifices are made daily.

Leisure time becomes rare and indulgences practically disappear. Coaches and teammates become your closest friends and family, not only because you develop a bond sweating and bleeding together, but also because they are usually the only people you are able to spend time with.

More so than your real family. If you’re single and even think about having a relationship, you may as well just forget about it. It can remain a fantasy or something to just hope for until you’re finished fighting, for it is about as rare as a unicorn to find someone who both understands and accepts what goes into this. No one wants to come second to anything.

The Samurai life takes precedence and is definitely not forgiving.

Social life? Fun? They become luxuries. Even during down time, I am so tired from training that I have no energy to even be around civilians. In the rare moments I do, I can almost guarantee, I’m not exactly a charming ray of sunshine to be around either, so I try to spare others from having to interact with me most of the time.11825092_854049348016414_739998657073195523_n

I belong to my training physically and a lot of the time emotionally. If I’m not doing it or feeling it, I can guarantee it’s consuming my thoughts.

I’m a slave to this life. Everything for the fight.

I chose this life and in a way, it chose me. I understand that I am here to spend day after day living by the Bushido code striving to achieve the pinnacle of greatness as my method to mastering my mind and spirit and spreading love, compassion, inspiration and positivity. To live this way to be able to do these things, to me, is the greatest honor.

Although not always easy, it is the way. Samurai life it is.

Which life will you choose?

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