Mind Bomb #2: GLORY Women’s Tournament

Tiffany Van Soest’s Thoughts On The GLORY Women’s Tournament

tiffany van soest glory kickboxingSigned with GLORY!
First woman to sign with GLORY!
First women’s tournament!

“What’s next? How does it feel?”… Who Cares?!

When I get bombarded with questions, interviews and interactions leading up to the fight, of course I always answer honestly; but I reach a certain point where everything boils over and screams out one realization:

“Who Cares?!”

There’s still a fight to be fought. Take away the interviews, take away the crowd, the cameras, the venue. When it comes down to it, the fight is still just that – the fight.

I’m the first woman to sign with GLORY. I feel honored. But that doesn’t change the fact that the second woman they signed is standing across from me and is still going to try to kick my ass.

So how do I feel about that? Who cares?! It’s happening no matter which way I feel about it, so I’m going to get in there and do what I do.

The build up to a fight or special moment within the sport is always added attention and more energy expenditure. But this extra pressure is relieved by our two new favorite syllables: “who cares?!”.

I see my picture up on posters, my name in lights, so many people are watching me and my social media going crazy.

At the end of the day, the fight is still the fight. It’s not special. It’s the same as every other fight.

This person signed up because they think they can beat me. They are going to try to punch, kick, knee me and take away everything I’ve worked for. So who cares about the “stage” or how many people are watching?

Standing in the back, right before walking to the ring in the middle of the arena at GLORY, I felt the EXACT same feeling in my gut right before walking to a ring outside behind a little gym next to the border of Mexico for one of my first amateur fights. When that feeling changes, I’ll know I’m not meant to fight anymore. Until then, who cares?! I’ll keep fighting.


My opponent thinks she can beat me? Who cares?!

I know I’ve done the work to prepare. Will it be tough? Who cares?!

I know my will and skill are stronger than hers. She hits me. Ouch. Who cares?!

She caught me, it hurt, but I’m fine, so hit her back harder and hit her back more. Who cares?! Keep fighting.

“Who cares” eliminates all the excess, all the doubts and excuses, all the things that render themselves meaningless after you strip down a fight to it’s bare bones. The fight is still the fight. And that cannot be forgotten.

So, was this a big occasion and a special moment? Yes, absolutely. It’s now a part of Kickboxing history. But really, I’m going to do this many more times and I’m going to feel the same way because it will always come down to one main thing and that is ‘The Fight’…so who cares?!

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