MEYER’S Scissor Kick KO

Analysis of Arthur Meyer’s Scissor Kick KO

A great fighter can set up and get KOs with even the wildest technique. Today, we analyze how Arthur Meyer set up his scissor kick KO and how you can do the same.

Arthur has his opponent, Petsuphan, near the ropes. However, he does not have Petsuphan cornered nor does he have his back against the ropes. Arthur and Petsuphan are both standing parallel to the ropes; Petsuphan could still escape easily.

Arthur throws a lead leg low kick that’s evaded. He cleverly uses the missed kick to step out at an angle. He can now corner Petsuphan easily. But he also has lead foot dominance, and therefore, rather than pressing forward, he chooses to end the fight immediately.


FIGHT BREAKDOWN: Spectacular Muay Thai Scissor Kick KO!



It’s everything.

Positioning is a node which connects to every aspect of fighting. Positioning is how Conor McGregor gets his KO power. Positioning is how Dieselnoi traps his opponents in his clinch and obliterates them.

Positioning is how Arthur Meyer got that scissor kick KO.

There are three levels of positioning: your posture; where you are relative to your opponent; where you and your opponent are relative to your surrounding.

The video below focuses on the first type of positioning: posture.

The position of your body determines how easily you flow in and out of techniques. To fight well, your positioning must be perfected.

Imagine walking around like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Will your movement flow and be lightning quick? Now imagine fighting that way.

This is how we flow:


How To Check Leg Kicks In Muay Thai and Kickboxing



He is Santa, and he brings us all the gifts — spectacular knockouts.

However, unlike Santa, Saenchai doesn’t work one day a year like a lazy ass. In 2015-16 alone, Saenchai fought 24 times.

Observe his greatness through the eyes of Lawrence Kenshin:


Saenchai’s Epic Flying Scissor-Kick Knockout




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