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All sports will change your body, but a select few will irrevocably change your mindset and the very way you lead your life. More than just physical muscles, your mind will be altered in such radical ways — all from a single sport.

If you’ve practiced martial arts, you know this to be true. If you’ve not practiced martial arts and are considering starting, you will soon find out that this all is true. There is no denying the life-changing potential of a journey into martial arts.

Let’s dive into the Evolve MMA video below:



The biggest gift that I’ve received from martial arts is the realization that there’s a clear blueprint to greatness. It’s the realization that champions are built rather than born. Once you understand this mindset through martial arts, you can apply it to every other aspect of your life. You will no longer see the success of others as preordained positions.

Think about it this way. Why is magic magical? Because we don’t know how it’s done. It’s something mystical that we cannot reach. However, if we were told how a trick is done, we instantly realize it’s something we can learn ourselves. If you want to learn something, you must first deconstruct it.

The more you break it down, the better your blueprint.

You may have been born shy and socially awkward, but through martial arts you understand that you can train yourself out of it. You can train and build yourself into a confident and socially savvy individual. You may have been called slow or stupid, but you understand that you can read, study, and build your mind just as easily as you can build your body.

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Evan Lee
Evan is a gourmand of combat sports from Taiwan. He appreciates the beauty of Muay Thai movement and all other movements. He's got no rudder so if the winds blow northerly, he goes north. His goal is to achieve and appreciate.

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