MARTIAL Arts & Learning To Fail

Martial Arts Is A Bridge From Failure To Success

Let us, as we so often do, begin at the end:

We see champions with their hands raised. We see the McGregors, the Mayweathers, the Buakaws – each a great success story. That is what we see. But is this the truth of it? Does this tell the whole story? Not at all.

Success is made of failure. But we never see that. How many people know that Conor McGregor was ready to quit MMA before the UFC gave him a call? Conor McGregor, today’s biggest star in the whole sport of MMA, was about to call it quits. Even the paragons of excellence and success will feel failure.

We know that we cannot avoid failure, so let’s not hide from it. Let’s embrace it and use it build us up.

“If there is not the war, you don’t get the great general; if there is not the great occasion, you don’t get the great statesman; if Lincoln had lived in times of peace, no one would know his name now.”

Teddy Roosevelt

Let us now look at someone who has embraced the worst pains of life – domestic abuse and even suicide, and converted the darkness into bright success in the Evolve MMA video below:

Martial Arts Changed My Life | Song Ka Yeon

Fail To Succeed, Lose To Win

Martial arts is one of the greatest ways to bridge failure and success. When you’re training, you must fail over and over again before you succeed. You become conditioned to failure. You learn to recognize it, accept it, analyze it, and mold it into a brick that makes up your foundation.

Furthermore, martial arts teaches you to overcome challenges. The whole goal of the “martial” part of martial arts is to be able to defend yourself against those physically bigger and stronger than you. By learning to overcome the physical challenges in the gym, you will learn to overcome the mental and emotional challenges outside the gym.

Remember that even if failure feels like the end for you, it is most certainly not. Failure builds you. If you want to succeed, realize this: the end isn’t the end. It’s the beginning.

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