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You there! You, sir or ma’am, who is reading this!

You probably train martial arts, huh? You go to the gym. If so, you’ll understand this story. If not, the understanding will take a bit more time. Read on.

Eddie Ng believes in the universality of martial arts. Everyone should try martial arts. Not everyone has to fight, but everyone should try it. Why? Because it’s not simply about fighting. Martial arts is a philosophy, a way of life.

Now, this is just one reason why martial arts ought to be embraced. Want to know more? Then dig into this Evolve MMA video:



This theme goes back centuries. For example, samurais were taught Bushido, the samurai code. Knights were taught chivalry. The physical training is simply a way to drill that philosophy into your mind. When you’re drenched with sweat and gasping for breath during a training session, your mind screams for you to stop, to rest.

When your mind tells you to quit but you move forward anyways, will this not transfer to all the other aspects of your life?

Let’s say that you’re at work. You’ve got some beloved overtime because a project your working on just got hit with a ton of bullshit. It’s late, you’re overworked, and you’re tired. Your body is asking you to stop, to rest, to quit.

It’s tempting, but you know that you need to get this work done. You know that you need to push through. The rest, however, is tempting. What do you do?

Well, you keep moving forward. You’re already trained. You’ve already practiced moving forward in spite of obstacles. Having to push through a work assignment is no different than pushing through a workout. An obstacle is an obstacle.

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