MAKE ‘Em See Double Kicks

The Muay Thai Double Kick Dispels Predictability

“Stick to your meat and potatoes: master the basics and use them with deadly effectiveness.” This is good advice. Good, solid advice.

However, what good could it possibly do to rely solely on techniques everyone learns in their first training sessions? Would you not become a one-trick pony and the most predictable fighter on the planet? No – your opponents will unravel you faster than a spring-loaded yarn ball.

Look at Giorgio Petrosyan. He has only two losses in 89 fight career, and you rarely see him branch out from his basic, honed tactics. Razor-sharp basics will beat always beat fancy techniques.

This still doesn’t solve the problem of predictability. Even if your basics are as tight as a fiddle, you can still become predictable, and thus, vulnerable. We avoid predictability with variation, and this is where the double kick comes in.

A double jab or a double kick are techniques seldom seen. The moment you add in that extra kick, your opponent will be confused. Furthermore, if your kicks hurt enough, a simple body-head combo will put them out in the blink of an eye. Time to pick up some variety:

Muay Thai Basic Technique: The Double Kick

The Rear Leg Kick

Rarer still than double kicks is a rear leg kick. This is a basic technique with an uncommon target.

Once you learn the simple setup, this technique will always be in your pocket. Pair this technique up with the double kick and you will find that you’ve made yourself a nice recipe for destroying your opponent.

Give these three rear leg kick setups a try and reap the rewards.

3 Muay Thai Rear Leg Kick Setups

Tenshin Nasukawa

If you’re looking for a prodigy in striking, then look at the next superstar of striking, Tenshin Nasukawa. A Japanese high school student is beating up world champions? That hardly seems realistic or possible, but it is.

Observe his fighting and you will find how he blends his razor sharp basics. His mastery of basics and ability to make these same basics incredibly unpredictable is the result of minor tweaks that give his technique incredible variation. Let’s dive into the mind of Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdown:

The Next Superstar of Striking: Tenshin Nasukawa | Lawrence Kenshin

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