Muay Thai Technique – Low Kick, Cross Combination

Low Kick-Cross Muay Thai Combo

My favorite Muay Thai techniques to throw tend to be the more simple ones because they are easier to perfect and tend to be very effective too. This low kick-cross combination is a perfect example because it’s only a two-strike combo but can yield devastating results if you are able to land it properly with good form, timing, and power.

This is one of the 40 combination tutorials in the Heavy Bag Blueprint, so if you enjoy this video, make sure to check out more from The Heavy Bag Blueprint!

The key here is to get your opponent thinking down low while simultaneously creating an angle for your cross to come either straight down the pipe or overtop your opponents lead shoulder. Either way, it’s a great Muay Thai combo that you should work on and even consider adding a string of other strikes to it.

Have fun throwing this technique during your next heavy bag or training session and let me know how you like it! Don’t forget to watch more video tutorials on various Muay Thai techniques and combos here.

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