LOVE Story: The Banker Nak Muay


Benjamin (third from left) and his wife, Alycia.

Our journey into martial arts often begins with unassuming beginnings. We step into a gym, we try the class, we fall in love.

What makes it the most special, however, isn’t even your own journey. It’s moments when your journey intersects with others’, which is precisely the story of Benjamin Ow.

Benjamin Ow is Evolve MMA‘s student of the month for October. He’s a 29-year old banker and has become a part of Evolve’s Muay Thai competition team. Furthermore, his wife is also a student at Evolve MMA. Training, as we know, is a brilliant way to spend your time. But what’s even better than that? Training with someone you love!



The world of martial arts is an incredible place to explore. It’s a skill that requires everything of a human to fulfill. You need the physical, the mental and the emotional. And because you need all three aspects, you are able to train all three in every single session of training. Then when you’ve trained your body, mind and spirit, you can apply that training to your life outside of the gym.

You’ll be more energized at work because you’ve exercised; you’ll be a better problem solver because you’ve had to solve the dynamic problems presented within combat; your spirit will be stronger because you have had it tested and tested and tested with every single training session.

So, no— contrary to what others may think, martial arts isn’t simply about the physical. It’s not about brute force and being a macho badass who “ain’t got time to bleed.” You don’t have to be a stereotypical “hard man” to succeed. You just need to give it a little taste. Try it. It might not be a giant step forward, but all we really need is to step forward. Who knows? You might love it.

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