MTG 040: Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu – Living, Fighting in Thailand –

Sylvie’s goal to reach 100 fights and improve as much as possible while in Thailand

sylvie 8limbs.usIt seems like every day Sylvie is stepping into the ring to fight. Her lifestyle in Chaing Mai, Thailand is what most nak muay dream of since she is literally eating, sleeping and breathing the sport. She shares her thoughts, experiences and insights about life in Thailand such as:

  • The differences between training/fighting in Thailand compared to the US.
  • How she went about planning for her life in Thailand including tips on how to save enough money.
  • How she started video blogging her training and thoughts pre/post fight and how it’s affected her training and overall life in a very positive way.
  • The lifestyle and cost of living in Chaing Mai, northern Thailand.
  • Her methods of healing quickly between fights and always staying in top shape to take a fight on short notice
  • And much more!

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