LITTEWADA’S Explosive Right Hook

Analysis of Littewada’s Huge Right Hook

It will get you the knockout, but you may not even be using it.

What is “it”? Ringcraft. It matters because where you fight will determine how you fight and what your options are.

Think McGregor will have the same freedom of movement in a boxing ring as he does in the octagon? He won’t. Think Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson’s style would work well on a smaller stage? It won’t.

Know your opponent’s choices. If you push your opponent against the ropes, they cannot move back; they are left with just three ways to move. You have just made your opponent predictable.

But can’t everyone tell when they’re about to get cornered? Not if you blitz.

In the video below, you will see how to trap your opponent and how you can get the knockout:

FIGHT BREAKDOWN: Explosive Muay Thai Right Hook KO!


Need a technique to cover distance incredibly quickly? The double jab is the safest and most effective way to glide across a canvas.

But even if you know how to jab, you may not know how to double jab. You are covering a long distance rapidly and may overextend accidentally.

Watch this video and learn how to cover massive distance and get the finish:

Double Jab to Rear Uppercut Combination


Namkabuan was so good at what he did that they banned his technique.

Think about that: the man that you are about to see in the video below employed (and pioneered, really) a technique that was so effective, it was banned from the sport. What’s more, the fighter you’re about to see was forced to retire because no one would face him.

Analyze this Golden Era great through the eyes of the premier Muay Thai analyst, Lawrence Kenshin:

The Master of Aggressive Ring Craft


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