Roaring into Foxwoods on Saturday night was Lion Fight 45! Lucky for Muay Thai Guy fans, resident MTG photog Walt Zink caught all the action on camera. . .


After shows in London and Paris, Lion Fight Promotions made its return to Foxwoods on Saturday, July 28th. Despite being three fights short due to injuries, there were still fireworks to be found in each of these fights. The return of Chip Moraza-Pollard would highlight this card, but dark horses and rising prospects were everywhere at Lion Fight 45.

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MAIN EVENT: (C) Chip Moraza-Pollard vs. Mark MacKinnon

Fans were awaiting another title defense by Moraza-Pollard and they saw his toughest fight to date under the Lion Fight promotion. MacKinnon was relentless despite being outclassed in striking. He even provided the first knockdown of Moraza-Pollard via a spinning elbow in the fifth.

Even with all of the heart shown, it wasn’t enough to sway the judges’ favor and the champ would keep his title belt.

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FIGHT #4: Steve Walker vs. William Sriyapai

This fight was, unfortunately, one that should not have happened. Sriyapai accepted the fight on short notice. Despite the ninety victories that he had amassed in his career, none of those have been significant ones in a number of years. Walker is almost twenty years younger and it showed.

At one point, Sriyapai fell out of the ring completely. The entire fight was like watching a cat play with a half-dead mouse. Walker respected Sriyapai’s knowledge and never became complacent. He simply overpowered his opponent and this fight was mercifully ended in the third round.

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FIGHT #3: Jordan Harris vs. Mike Triana

This fight was possibly the best of the night. Triana is a local favorite and many felt he would handle Harris without much of a problem. Harris looked to steal a win, so this one was back and forth.

Harris would land more significant strikes throughout and continually curbed any momentum Triana hoped to gain via a number of sweeps. This one would go to decision and Harris came up with an upset victory.

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FIGHT #2: Tom Evens vs. Fernando Perez

Evans would take this fight on short notice. Throw in the fact that he was coming out of retirement for this fight and we had to wonder what we would see from the local favorite Evans.

Both fighters came out swinging and Evans worked to keep distance from Perez and did so very effectively. He would use an arsenal of moves to keep Perez guessing and never allowed him to find a consistent rhythm during the fight. Evans would take this one via decision.

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FIGHT #1: Ricardo Mixco vs. Bizrat Asfera 

If you don’t know about Ricardo Mixco, this is your chance to jump on the bandwagon. Mixco is an electrifying fighter that doesn’t want to leave the decision in the hands of the judges. After finishing a very talented Evan Jays in the first round at Lion Fight 42, Mixco hoped to build on that success against Bizrat Asfera.

Mixco absolutely punished Asfera save for the first fifteen seconds of this bout. Asfera tried to take advantage of Mixco’s aggressive tendencies but it only seemed to make Mixco even better. Asfera would lose this fight via TKO in the second round and left bloodied up and battered. Mixco has a bright future in the sport and is a fighter that should be on your radar.

Fire frighteningly fierce kicks with killer instinct.

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