Lion Fight 23 Preview – Malaipet vs Harrison

Liong Fight 23 – Fight Card Matchups and Preview

Lion Fight 23 is just around the corner and is arguably one of the most stacked cards ever hosted on American soil.

To give the reader some perspective of just how saturated in talent this particular event is, it should be noted that every single fighter on the top half of the main card is either a current/former world champion or undefeated thus far in his/her professional career.

Welcome to the BIG leagues, aspiring Nak Muays.

And now without further ado, here is a preview of the three main fights that will take place in San Diego on July 31st:

Kevin Ross VS. Rungrat Sasiprapa

rungrat vs kevin ross muay thaiRungrat Sasiprapa (as his surname suggests) comes from the famed Sasiprapa Gym in Bangkok.

Lion Fight has worked in conjunction with Sasiprapa Gym on multiple occasions by putting a number of their fighters on events consistently (including none other than the main event for this card).

Rungrat’s wealth of experience in the ring at such a young age should translate well to Lion Fight’s commitment to traditional Thai style rules which includes 5×3 minute round fights. Look for Rungrat to attempt to implement a dominant clinch game coupled with heavy knees and elbows from inside the pocket.

Kevin Ross is a man who needs no introduction to the American Muay Thai scene.

Arguably one of the most successful fighters to come out of the United States since the Alex Gong and Duane Ludwig era—Ross will (in usual fashion) come to the ring in top shape and look to capitalize on the Thais’ reputation for being notoriously slow starters.

It was this strategy that Ross was able to decisively notch a win over the legendary Malaipet back in 2011 and it’s fair to assume that the pace of the fight will be a major factor in Ross’s game plan deftly prepared by head coach Kirian Fitzgibbons.

Expect a methodical and blood-soaked chess match between two highly decorated tacticians.

Martyna Krol VS Tiffany Van Soest (Co-main Event)

tiffany van soest vs martyna krol muay thai

Martyna Krol is no stranger to elite competition.

With over forty professional fights at the young age of 21 that includes bouts with Caley Reece and Jen Cav – Krol is the truest definition of a student of the game that was baptized in fire.

Krol is a crafty and lanky figure who knows how to use her range to her advantage. Look for Krol to keep Van Soest at bay with a strong teep before attempting to take over by asserting her height in the clinch.

Van Soest, the current Lion Fight World Champion, has seen it all.

From short opponents with heavy hands to tall opponents who expertly toss people around in the clinch, time and time again Tiffany Van Soest has made the necessary adjustments in each fight camp to neutralize any and all potential threats and has done so with a shockingly high success rate.

Fighting in her backyard will certainly provide an advantage for the champion due to her ever growing fan base, though Tiffany’s not so secret weapon is her prowess in executing the game plan laid out for her by head coach, Kru Alex Palma.

Expect an intense first round that will determine if Martyna’s traditional Thai style will eventually succumb to the hybrid of high volume boxing and array of well-placed elbows that Kru Palma’s striking system is so well known for.

Liam Harrison VS Malaipet Sasiprapa (Main Event)

malaipet vs liam harrison muay thai

Liam Harrison is widely considered the UK’s golden boy for Muay Thai—and with good reason.

After a successful run under the Yokkao banner, Harrison is finally returning to the US to take on one of Thailand’s most decorated fighters.

Harrison will look to engage with short and explosive combinations that he has been widely associated with for the majority of his career. Two to three punches followed by devastating power kicks is Harrison’s bread and butter and it would be surprising to think that he will stray from this methodology against someone like Malaipet.

Malaipet Sasiprapa’s resume is about as air-tight as humanly possible.

Duane Ludwig, Kevin Ross, Justin Greskiewicz and Fabio Pinca are just a few of the top names that Malaipet has shared the ring with.

A former Rajadamnern Stadium champion known for having some of the most devastating kicks in the sport’s history, expect nothing less than an all out slug-fest between two of the world’s top strikers who have no comprehension of fighting off their back foot.

If explosive carnage is what you’re into, look no further. Malaipet and Harrison should be one for the ages.

The Entire Fight Card Lineup

lion fight 23 muay thaiPro bout Line-up
147 lbs – Malaipet (Fresno, CA) vs Liam Harrison (Leeds, UK) MAIN EVENT
125 lbs – Tiffany Van Soest (San Diego, CA) vs Martyna Krol (Bangkok, THAILAND) Women’s Featherweight Title CO-MAIN
140 lbs – Kevin Ross (Dublin, CA) vs Rungrat Sasiprapa (Bangkok, THAILAND)
122 lbs – Victor Saravia (N. Hollywood, CA) vs Stan Mancebo (Toronto, Ontario, CANADA)
187 lbs – Mike Lemaire (San Diego, CA) vs Andrew Kapel (Minneapolis, MN)
118 lbs – Romie Adanza (Irvine, CA) vs Andy Howson (Leeds, UK)
136 lbs – Marvin Madariaga (San Diego, CA) vs Tony Fausto (San Diego, CA) (NON-TELEVISED)

Amateur bout line-up
156 lbs – Devin Taylor (San Diego, CA) vs Sean Madden (Denver, CO)
108 lbs – Magalie Alvarez (N. Hollywood, CA) vs Fanny Tommasino (Las Vegas, NV)
135 lbs – Jack Terzian (Van Nuys, CA) vs Sef Ramos (Chatsworth, CA)
145 lbs – Ardavan Moeini (Irvine, CA) vs Antonio Arango (San Diego, CA)
170 lbs – Ryan Castillo (Palmdale, CA) vs Ben Roberts (San Diego, CA)

Got any picks for the main card fights?

Who would you put your money on?


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