Lion Fight 13 Fight Card Preview

A Complete Breakdown Of The Lion Fight 13 Fights

Lion Fight is kicking off the 2014 year right with a stacked card loaded with tough match-ups that are bound to bring the best out of all the fighters. Starting from the first televised fight all the way through to the main event, each fight has the potential for fight of the night and I’m going to explain why.

Televised Pro-Fight Card:

Caley Reece vs. Tiffany Van Soest
Kevin Ross vs. Matt Embree
Coke Chanhawat vs. Rami Ibrahim
Nick Chasteen vs. Jonathan Del Rosario
Josh Shepard vs. Daniel Kim
Jason Andrada vs. Andy Singh

Caley Reece vs. Tiffany Van Soest

tiffany van soest vs caley reece lion fight 13Tiffany Van Soest has been at the top of her division for a little while now and has yet to face any kind of adversity as the Lion Fight title holder, but I think Caley Reece will change that.

I’m a huge fan of the way Tiffany fights, although some people think it’s not “Thai style”, I love the footwork, angels and timed aggression she uses in every one of her fights. Van Soest has been on a winning streak and even knocked out highly talented Alexis Rufus early in 2013. Although she hasn’t faced the toughest, most skilled opponents recently, it’s not her fault that her division isn’t loaded with fighters on her level.

Fortunately for us, Caley Reece has come out of retirement to fly all the way from down-under to challenge Van Soest for the Lion Fight title. Reece is no slouch either, she is a multiple world-champion who has defended her belt while holding a very high win percentage against top level opponents.

I think what this fight will come down to is if Reece is able to adjust to the uniqueness of Van Soest’s attacks, footwork and angles. That being said, Reece has faced a wide array of fighters and has probably faced an opponent with a somewhat similar fighting style of Tiffany’s. Either way we’ll have to wait and see on fight night!

Kevin Ross vs. Matt Embree

Before you read any further, if you haven’t seen the first fight between these two animals then take the time to watch it now:

This fight was awesome. Both guys showed great poise, technique and heart throughout the whole fight, which is why I’m so stoked to watch the rematch between the two!

I’ve interviewed both of Kevin Ross and Matt Embree to pick their brains and get some insight on their training. What I learned from talking with both elite fighters was simple, if you want it bad enough and believe in yourself, you can get very far. It’s hard to imagine this fight not being another “fight of the night” type of fight, so don’t miss out!

Coke Chunhawat vs. Rami Ibrahim

rami ibrahim vs coke chunhawat lion fight 13This is another highly anticipated rematch that is bound to bring out the best of both fighters! The first fight Coke edged out the decision against Ibrahim, but after speaking to Rami about his upcoming rematch, he made it clear that he will be focused and determined on fight night.

Coke is one of Lion Fight’s top fighters that they like to showcase due to his charisma, skill and ability to put on a good show. He’s a traditional Thai-style fighter who likes to showboat, smile and get in his opponents head, but during the last fight between Coke and Rami, Coke was showboating a little bit too much when Rami clocked him and put him down for a 8-count.

Rematches are awesome because it gives us (the audience) a chance to see how the fighters change their game plan now knowing how their opponent fights. I’m expecting Rami to come out hard and utilize his boxing, while Coke tries to slow the tempo down using hard, single shots.

Nick Chasteen vs. Jonathan Del Rosario

For 147 pounds, Nick Chasteen is pretty damn big and tall. He used his reach very well throughout his pro-debut and was able to come away with a dominant unanimous decision win against a shifty fighter in Chris Culley.

His opponent, Jonathan Del Rosario, is a relatively unknown looking to make a statement with a win over the up-and-coming Nick Chasteen.

Josh Shepard vs. Daniel Kim

Las Vegas native Josh Shepard is looking to win back-to-back fights after a majority decision win at Lion Fight 8 against Damien Early. Daniel Kim will be making his Lion Fight debut hoping to upset the hometown favorite Shepard.

Jason Andrada vs. Andy Singh

andy singh vs jason andrada lion fight 13I have no doubt that this fight is going to be non-stop action from start to finish. Jason Andrada is coming off a ridiculous elbow knockout win in the 5th round against Mohammed Lemjerdine at Lion Fight 12, and is looking to keep his undefeated pro record alive with a win over WBC champ Andy Singh.

To my knowledge, Andy hasn’t fought since his title win at Lion Fight 7 against Anthony Castrejon. Don’t let the layoff fool you though because Singh is always in shape and ready to step in on a moments notice.

Make sure to check out my interviews with both Andy Singh and Jason Andrada on the Muay Thai Guy Podcast!

What match-up do you think will be fight of the night?

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