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Pros And Cons Of The LightSpeed Bag

lightspeed bagEvaluating and reviewing training equipment can be looked through the same lens which one looks at a fighting technique. There are things that a technique is and isn’t, the same with any tool. A hammer, for instance, is a great tool, but is it better than a saw? We can’t make that comparison.

What this review is going to look at is what the LightSpeed Bag is and what it isn’t, so what it can help with and what it can’t help with (for ease of reading I’ll put pros in green and cons in red). Let’s start, however, with what it’s trying to be.

“The LightSpeed Bag is a revolutionary new punching bag designed specifically for home use. It combines the functions of multiple different punching bags while reducing the drawbacks they have for home use.

Training at the gym is awesome, there are plenty of partners to train with, people to hold pads, people to spar with, people to spot you, heavy bags to use, and equipment to play with.

However, when one returns how it is unlikely that they have all of these luxuries at their fingertips. Depending on your living conditions, building a home gym can be difficult and it can be especially pricey.

Aside from price the #1 problem of building a home gym is space… This is where the LightSpeed bag shines.

The LightSpeed bag is unbelievably easy to set up and the entire process of which literally only takes a minute. All you have to do is locate a wooden ceiling beam, screw in the mount, and attach the bag. This is much preferable to dragging in a 100lb B.O.B. or having to make sure that the 300lb heavy bag doesn’t pull down your entire ceiling.

The ease of set up is also due to it’s size, and because of this size, aside from the easy set up, the LightSpeed bag takes up almost no space whatsoever. You could mount this in your closet and you’d be able to train in there fine. However, due to the nature, weight, and size of it, it’s not suitable for high power punches or kicks, and doesn’t allow for rapid combinations as readily as a heavy bag does. This unfortunate drawback makes it not worthwhile to attempt to train combination striking techniques. 

That being said, this is not what the LightSpeed bag is made to do, that’s not what it is. What the LightSpeed bag is a tool to train reaction time, movement, timing, accuracy, and head movement. All of which are skills that require a partner, and are skills that you can’t develop even with shadowboxing.

So, overall, the LightSpeed bag is a solid addition to any home-gym OR regular home for that regard. It’s easy set up and its ease of use is what separates it from most heavy bags. What also sets it apart though is the ability it has to recreate conditions of a counter attack where you must use physical skills that NORMALLY would require a partner to sharpen, but with the LightSpeed bag you can develop reaction time, timing, accuracy, and head movement even if you only have a few square feet to work with.

To find out more about this training tool, check out the Kickstarter campaign that founder Bobby has created in hopes to get the Lightspeed Bag created and manufactured in mass quantity.



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