LETHWEI Champ Leduc To Defend

PART I: Leduc Set To Defend Lethwei Title In 5 Days

Courtesy of @kingleduc on Instagram.

In just five days, the Nomad wanders no longer.

On August 20, the reigning Lethwei open weight champion Dave “The Nomad” Leduc will defend his title against veteran fighter Cyrus Washington at the Myanmar Lethwei World Championships.

The Canadian Leduc, who now calls Myanmar his home, will represent that country and fight under its flag. The fight will be held at the 32,000-seat Thuwanna Stadium in Yangnon.

We recently caught up with Dave at Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket to see how his training camp is progressing.


BELOW: An interview with Leduc protege Victor Nunez, who makes his Lethwei debut on August 20, fighting for the 65 kg world title.




MTG: Thanks for speaking with us again, Dave. Last time, you were about to fight Nilmungkorn Sudsakorn at Lethwei in Japan 4 FRONTIER. Talk to us about the fight and outcome.

LEDUC: Nilmungkorn said at the press conference before the fight, that he was getting the belt. In the fight, I landed the headbutts I wanted and dropped him two times. I wanted to show him who’s the alpha male. Japan was fun.


MTG: What do you know about your upcoming opponent Cyrus Washington?

LEDUC: He is a very skilled fighter. He fought some of the best fighters in the game. He’s a veteran, fought some nice wars. I respect his record; that’s why I agreed to this challenge fight. But even he knows I’m retiring with this title.


MTG: Is your training any different when preparing to fight a Lethwei fighter compared to a Muay Thai fighter?

LEDUC: No, it’s the same. In reality, Cyrus is a Muay Thai fighter that fought Lethwei. I know his style, he loves his spinning attacks – I love spinning shit too. We can go all night if he wants, but I’ll catch him first. I have more reach, Im tougher. He just doesn’t have enough to win this, that’s the truth.


MTG: Break down your routine for us.
LEDUC: Run in the morning. Train in the afternoon. Drink blood. Sleep.


MTG: What does sparring look like when training Lethwei?
LEDUC: High intensity. Like modern-day gladiators. Three times a week. We keep the headbutts for the bag and when hitting pads. My main training partner at the moment is GLORY fighter Anvar Boynazarov​. Back in the days, we fought inmates together at Prison Fight​ in Bangkok, [so] we work well together.


MTG: What’s your diet like during training camp?
LEDUC: I don’t cut weight, so I can eat whatever I want. That’s true fighting, eating a feast before war. Some say the weight cut is part of the preparation and being hungry helps them focus, but I say “fuck that, give me food.” I love kartoshka like my wife says; it means potato in Russian. I need the carbs for the crazy workouts.


MTG: How does your upcoming fight with Cyrus Washington end?
LEDUC: I will win by KO. No doubt in my mind. Probably third round.


Dave Leduc is a monster. The man drinks blood, people! 

This upcoming fight with Cyrus Washington will be brutal and explosive. Both men are crafty and determined to prove their prowess and knock the other out.

Stay tuned and get ready for an all-out war that will take place on August 20 at the Thuwanna Stadium in Myanmar.



PART II: Making Your Debut In A Lethwei Championship Bout

Victor Nunes. Courtesy of Tiger Muay Thai.

Lethwei is considered to be one of the most aggressive martial arts in the world because the fighters fight bare knuckle. Truthfully, it takes a special type of man with a specific amount of balls to step inside a ring and face an adversary in a bare knuckle fight.

Victor Nunes happens to be a man of that caliber.

A protege of Dave Leduc, Nunes is a martial artist who is always searching and testing himself against the best fighters in the world.

He talks to us about his upcoming fight, as well as a past battle with legendary Saenchai.


MTG: Where are you from? And how old are you?
NUNES: I’m Brazilian. Thirty years old.


MTG: When did you first begin training in martial arts?
NUNES: I did karate when I was little and then started Muay Thai at 17.


MTG: What has drawn you to Lethwei?
NUNES: I’ve seen some Lethwei fights before. Also, seeing my teammate Dave Leduc making… amazing changes in the sport. It got my attention about this fight and having the opportunity to fight for a world title, I couldn’t say no to it!


MTG: What did you learn from fighting Saenchai?
NUNES: I thought, “Wow, he is just so fast!” I watched our fight about a thousand times and always learn something new. He is great!


MTG: How is it training with Dave Leduc? What have you learned from him?
NUNES: Dave Leduc is giving me so many tips that for sure will make the difference in the fight. I’m very grateful.


MTG: Have you ever thought of fighting MMA? Is there any active or non-active fighter you’d like to face?
NUNES: Yes, I’m going to fight MMA soon. I’ve been training for it and I can’t wait to start this new challenge.


MTG: Lastly, what are your goals in fighting?
NUNES: My goal for now is become a Lethwei World Champion. I’m training hard and I’m going for it no matter what.


Unfazed by a daunting task ahead, Victor Nunes remains focused on his goal – capturing the 65 KG World championship. On August 20th, the Brazilian will be center stage in Myanmar, fighting for immortality.



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