LEDUC Proves 9 Is Greater Than 8

‘The Nomad’ Puts Lethwei On The Map

In Tokyo Japan, Dave “Nomad” Leduc has made the case for the supremacy of the Art of Nine Limbs — Burmese bare knuckle boxing, otherwise known as Lethwei.

This past Friday, the 25-year old Canadian Lethwei openweight champion kept his promise and dismantled opponent Nilmungkon Sudsakorn in a battle that ended with a spectacularly crushing knee to the face.

In what was billed as “Lethwei vs. Muay Thai,” Leduc and Sudsakorn fought a full Lethwei rules bout in which the savvy Leduc proved too much for the veteran Thai fighter.

“What’s up, Dave? How’s Japan?”

LEDUC: Japan is awesome! It’s my third time over here and I love it. Right now I’m relaxing. My wife and I are heading back to Thailand tomorrow.


“This was your 3rd title defense in six months. How do you feel?”

LEDUC: I feel great! I can get in the ring right now and do it all over again.


“You seemed to hurt Sudsakorn early on with a stiff jab followed by a knee. Did you notice that he was hurt?”

LEDUC: Yes, I cut him with a jab. He was bleeding from the eye and I could tell he didn’t like that. I was ready for the kill. I knew I had him; it was just a matter of time.


“Did you sustain any injuries?”

LEDUC: Not really. I think he may have cut me with an elbow on the back of the head but nothing serious. I’m fine and I’m ready to fight right now.


“How do you train Lethwei at Tiger Muay Thai? How do you differentiate your training from the other Nak Muays there?”

LEDUC: We train a lot like the other fighters. My coach Sawat makes me do a lot of kicks, but we are also pioneering a new style of training with head butts. We do a lot of clinch, knees, elbows, and headbutts. My coach and I are coming up with new ways to incorporate headbutts in our training. We are making it up as we go.


“You just beat a Muay Thai champion and made it look easy. What’s next for Nomad?”

LEDUC: Right now I have another fight coming on August 20th in Myanmar.

My goal is to show the world the beauty of Lethwei. People are starting to notice. It’s the most effective striking artform on the planet.

I’m also going to bring one of my fighters for the world to see. His name is Martin Gil, and he’s a beast. He has been training Lethwei with me for a while and we’re about to make some noise.


Leduc fights again in Myanmar, at the Myanmar Lethwei World Championships. He will defend his openweight belt against an opponent to be determined.

Find the WLC on Facebook here. Dave “Nomad” Leduc on Facebook can be found here.



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