My Review on the Awesome Kimura Wear Thai Pads

I’ve held a countless number of rounds for my training partners throughout my career. I’ve also kicked, knees, punched and elbowed a wide variety of Thai pads throughout my 20+ fights.  With my fair share of experience both hitting and holding Thai pads, I can honestly say that these Kimura Wear thai pads are some next level shit. 

My short video review on the Kimura Wear Thai Pads:

Like I said in the video, they’re great for holding because they are small, compact and much easier to move around while working with a quicker fighter. And even though they’re small, they provide solid protection to the pad holders forearms. Both of these qualities make these Thai pads awesome.

As a fighter, whenever I kick these pads I feel crisp as hell. I love hearing the snap of the pads when I throw a hard roundhouse to the body. They have great padding and curvature, but still provide enough roughness to condition your shins.

If you’re looking for a new pair of Thai pads (or even if you just some sweet new training gear) then definitely go to and check out their wide selection of equipment and apparel.

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