How to Throw a Jumping Roundhouse Kick

2 Variations Of The Jumping Roundhouse Kick

You watch UFC 200? Well, if you did, you also saw Cain Velasquez throw a spinning hook/wheel kick? If you didn’t see it, I will say that, on my honor, Cain Velasquez threw a damned spinning hook/wheel kick.

His spinning hook kick started off the combination that ended his fight with Travis Browne in 4 minutes and 57 seconds of the very first round. Browne’s facial expressions after that kick landed screamed of “did Velasquez really just throw a spinning hook kick at me?” Such is the value of unpredictability.

Sometimes flashy madness has its place in a fight, and sometimes the flashy madness really does not have to be all that complex. It can be as simple as adding a jump to a technique you already know and, hopefully, love.

How to Throw a Jumping Roundhouse Kick KO

The key to landing any strike is a deceptive setup, and deception is far easier with flashy techniques. Why? Because the frequency with which fighters throw techniques like a spinning hook kick or flying scissor knee is extremely low. If someone teeps, what do you typically expect him to follow that up with? I’ll leave that for you to decide, but I doubt it’d be a flying scissor knee.

Flashy techniques, when setup correctly, are the most unpredictable simply because they appear so rarely.

How To Throw A Flying Scissor Knee

“The art of war is deception,” as Sun Tzu said. There is, perhaps, no deception more beautiful than one performed by Raymond Daniels. Raymond Daniels is known for his dynamic and volatile style, and it is on full display here:

Check out this video from Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns to further dissect how to implement flashy strikes and master unpredictability.

Epic Glory Moments: “Knockout of the Century” ‒ Raymond Daniels | Lawrence Kenshin

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