Inside Low Kick Counter Combo – Muay Thai Technique Video

Inside Leg Kick Counter Technique

I’ve had fights where my opponent would keep attacking my lead leg with an inside leg kick. It really didn’t do too much damage, but it was frustrating because it would mess up my timing and balance so it would be tough to counter.

This inside leg kick counter technique is something I’ve been using more and more because instead of checking the inside low kick, I would just avoid it all together. Countering this inside low kick by avoiding it will cause my opponent to be off balance in in bad position to defend himself… and from there that’s where I attack and try to throw some hard counter strikes.

Muay Thai Technique Video – Inside Low Kick Counter Combo

Another reason this counter combination is effective is because you’re avoiding an attack while simultaneously throwing a counter punch. Here’s some other Muay Thai technique tips to consider:

  • Bait The Lead Leg – If your opponent sees you heavy on your lead leg, chances are they’ll want to attack it. If you’re able to bait your opponent in throwing that inside (or outside) low kick, then you’ll be able to set up the counter combination a lot more effectively.
  • Drive Your Opponent Back – After your opponent misses the inside leg kick, chances are they will be leaning back and bit off-balanced/out of position. Use that to your advantage and push your opponent back with the punches, knees and elbow combo.
  • Mix It Up –  In the Muay Thai technique video above I show the counter combo of a jab, cross, knee, elbow… but don’t limit yourself to just that combination because there is so many other techniques you can throw. Try mixing in different combos and techniques to figure out what style works best for you.

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