Muay Thai Inside Leg Kick| Finding Range and Setting Up Combos

How To Set Up Strikes With An Inside Leg Kick

What’s considering the most important strike in all of martial arts? The jab.

When you have the jab you have everything. When you don’t have the jab you have nothing. The jab is the safest tool for measuring distance, testing the waters, and setting up more strikes. That being said, it isn’t the only tool. The teep and leg kick are the lower body equivalents of the jab.

What makes the jab, teep, and leg kick so effective is that they are non-committal strikes. 

The more a strike requires commitment the more opportunity you have of being countered.

Jab, teeps, and leg kicks are the little things that make the big things happen. The big bombs are saved for after you’ve collected data on your opponent that you need to gather.  This post is focused on one of the three above mentioned feedback tools: the inside leg kick.

The kick is your longest weapon, and is, thus, a tool that needs most sharpening. Why? Because a longer weapon means more time to react. In a game that can end in a blink of an eye; techniques that buy milliseconds are worth their weight on gold. Pay attention and learn this technique well.

The Inside Leg Kick | Finding Range And Setting Up Combos

Kicking drains endurance, for throwing 40% of your bodyweight around takes its toll. What way then is there to remedy this issue?

Simple, drilling. Drills make skills and I’ll be damned if they can’t build your endurance tons. Technique is not the only quality that factors into the complex equation we call combat. It is endurance that enables technique, and technique that enables speed and power.

Killer Muay Thai Kicking Drill | Improve Kicking Speed, Power and Endurance

The beauty of non-committal strikes is that there are infinite variations. In regards to the jab there’s a blinding jab, jolting jab, body jab, etc. In regards to the low kick; the cut kick is one such variation. Observe the beauty of the cut kick in action in this Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns:

Joanne Calderwood: Kicking a Puncher in MMA

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