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MTG 038: Iman “Pretty Killer” Barlow

What Iman Barlow and I talk about on the Muay Thai Guy podcast:

iman barlow muay thai fighterI’ve been getting a lot of fans of the podcast who are for the UK and they are always telling me to interview their fighters!

After hearing about Iman Barlow through the grapevine and listening to her interview over by Sylvie, I thought she would be a great person to talk to.

The girl has over 100 fights, a ton of titles and is only 20 years old! We talk about how she grew up in the sport with both of her parents being nak muay and how that has been a major factor in her success. She also shares her insights about her training, weight cutting and much more!

“Pretty Killer” had her first fight when she was FOUR (which is totally badass) and even fought boys when she was younger. She is definitely a promising young talent that has already beaten the likes of top female fighters in her weight class like Alexis Rufus. Keep an eye out for her next fight on December 13th for Enfusion Live against Maria Zueva!

Here is the basic rundown of what we discuss during the interview:

– How she was immediately hooked to muay thai at an early age and how her parents have influenced the direction of her career.
– What is was like training full time while she was in school and the sacrifices she’s made to be where she is in her career.
– The type of training she can’t go without before a fight.
– What is was like fighting multiple times in a month and the recovery methods she uses to heal up quickly.
– Her thoughts leading up to fight night, including how she handles the weight cut and prepares mentally for the fight.
– What it’s been like being a young up and coming fighter with so many accomplishments in her career already.
– What the talent pool in the UK and Europe is like and how she would love to fight someday in the US!
– Her thought about her upcoming fight against Maria Zueva for Enfusion on December 13th.
– And much more!

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