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There have been exciting things going on at Muay Thai Guy recently. With the launch of Nak Muay Nation I can’t even explain how stoked I am to share with you some of the best content that Lawrence Kenshin and I have made to date.

We are doing our very best job to make the Nak Muay Nation member area unique, easy to navigate and sexy as hell. We were fortunate enough to get a ton of help creating the platform thanks to the generosity of Adam Norman and his team over at LittleRedChimp.co.uk. In exchange for him and his team helping us create an amazing membership area, I wanted to return the favor and help him because the work that they’ve done has been top level stuff.

With that being said, they have created this awesome new game called iBodybuilder.

You start off as a pathetic weakling and work your way to transform into a beastly bodybuilder. It’s a hilarious and fun journey to superstardom where you will have to train hard, eat, and work jobs to get cash. Once you make it to the big time you can buy sports cars, luxury houses and live the good life in luxury.

Basically, if you’re a fan of any of The Sims games and enjoy playing games on your phone, then you’ll love this game!

iBodybuilder can be found on mobile; currently exclusive to apple iPhones only. It’s ranked #1 in numerous countries and currently a 5 star rating from players around the world. If this is something that interests you, then click here to download it and make sure to spread the word!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/IBodybuilder

Twitter: @littleredchimps


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