HYDRA: Unleash Your Greatness

Defy The Odds & Overcome Your Obstacles

When life slams us with obstacles, we all want to be the phoenix rising from the ashes. But we should not. If you’ve read Nassim Taleb’s Anti-Fragileyou know that your spirit animal/mythological creature should not be the phoenix. After all, the phoenix simply restores itself to what it originally was. What good would muscle be if it repaired itself back to its original strength? How long would you get stuck at benching one plate?

If you’re a fighter (and all people are in one way or another), your spirit animal/mythological creature should be the hydra. When the hydra is hurt, it comes back stronger. When you remove one head, it grows two. The hydra is versatile, the hydra is dynamic, the hydra is what all fighters should aspire to be.

Now watch the below Evolve MMA video, get a mental and emotional pump, and then we’ll get into how we use conflict to make ourselves stronger.

Unleash Your Greatness | Song Ka Yeon

What Stands In The Way Becomes The Way

First of all, there is no hiding from stress, fear or suffering. You may be able to outrun it for a while, but pain always catches up. However, pain, fear, and stress need not break you. In fact, they can build you. Think about what you are struggling with in life right now. Understand that the only way to solve it is by going through it.

Consider an analogy: Let’s say that you’re physically frail. You want to be strong, but how do you build strength? By going into the gym and fighting your weakness. You must lift weights and push yourself to your weakest point where you’re struggling to lift the weights. That’s how you get strong.When an obstacle comes your way, understand that there is a reward on the other side.

Let’s say that you’re struggling at school or work. You don’t think you’re smart enough to solve a problem. Nonsense. By pushing yourself through the problem, you will find the solution and become more knowledgeable. Too lazy to push through the troubles of your life? Push yourself through it. There you will find discipline, which will annihilate laziness.

As the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius put it, “the impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.”

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