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How To Throw An Uppercut

Punching Techniques For Muay Thai Boxing
Basic Uppercut Technique

Learn how to throw an uppercut and I promise you that it will be one of the best punches for you because of the angle it comes from. Not only is it sneaky but you can also generate a lot of power if you throw the uppercut technique properly.

If you throw a lot of hooks and then mix in an uppercut it will catch your opponent off guard. Getting punched underneath the jaw is not a pleasant feeling, trust me, so when you land a powerful uppercut your opponent will think twice about coming inside on you.

The uppercut is a great punch technique to know but if you throw it with bad technique then it will leave you open for counters. Check out these uppercut tips to make sure you know how to throw an uppercut with power, speed and proper defense.

Basic Uppercut Technique Tips:

  • Bend your legs and slightly dip your shoulders. This is where your power will come from.
  • Keep opposite hand up. Don’t leave your beautiful face open for counters!
  • Explode up with your legs. Your power comes from your legs, not your arms!
  • Slightly pivot. With the same side leg you are throwing the uppercut with, open up your hips by slightly pivoting your leg.
  • Don’t drop your hand to load up. This is where many people go wrong. You don’t need to drop your hand below your hips to generate power in the uppercut, all this is doing is leaving that whole side of your face open!
  • Return your fist to your face. Protect that sexy face of yours.
how to throw an uppercut basic muay thai boxing technique

Learn how to uppercut correctly and you will be a beast during your next sparring session or fight!

If you want to add a devastating, sneaky, powerful strike to your arsenal of muay thai strikes then you’ve got to learn how to throw an uppercut properly. This basic muay thai boxing technique is super important to learn because it adds a different angle of attack that can catch your opponent off guard!

I definitely under utilize the uppercut during fights but just recently I’ve been able to implement them into my game and have noticed great results. Even if the uppercut doesn’t land it gets my opponent thinking about the different angles I can be coming from which in turn leaves other openings for other basic muay thai techniques.

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