how to throw and overhand right

How To Throw An Overhand Right

Basic Punching Techniques For Muay Thai Boxing
The Overhand Right Technique

Learning how to throw an overhand right technique properly will help you not only develop power and speed to your punch, but it will also help you avoid injuring your hand by throwing it wrong.

The overhand right punch is by far my favorite punch (if you’ve watched any of my fights you would know this). I throw it probably TOO much but I’ve had plenty of success from it because of it’s power, angle of attack and how quick it can be when thrown correctly.

The cross technique is very similar to the overhand right technique but there is just a slight difference in the angle and distance your fist travels in order to catch your opponent offguard. And like I said before, make sure you practice how to throw an overhand right technique because throwing it wrong can lead to a broken hand or finger!

Basic Overhand Right Technique Tips:

  • Almost the same exact mechanics as a cross – sit on your punch, pivot your back foot and rotate your hips and shoulders.
  • Make a rainbow or small semi circle to come over top of your opponents guard and deal some serious damage.
  • Very similar to pitching or throwing a baseball
  • Don’t wind up and overthrow. Not only will your opponent see it coming from miles away but you will also tire yourself out when you miss.
  • Rotate your fist and hit with the knuckles on your hand. If you don’t rotate your hand and make sure you’re hitting with your fist you can easily break your hand or finger on top of your opponents head.
  • Return your fist back to your face quickly. Make sure you don’t overthrow it (even though I tend to do this all the time) because then you leave yourself open to counters.

how to throw an overhand right technique for muay thai boxingI know it’s hard as hell to not want to wind up and throw 100% into every overhand right technique but trust me, it will make you fuckin’ tired as hell! Obviously when you land the punch it won’t fatigue you as much as if you were to miss, but telegraphing your overhand right punch will also leave you open for counters.

Try your best to clear your opponents guard but not over compensating by throwing a complete windmill punch and hurting/tiring yourself. Make a small semi-circle and not a complete orbit around your opponents defense and chances are you will land it more often than not.

Learning how to throw the overhand right technique seems easy but there are little aspects you need to practice that will make the punch technique quicker, more powerful and ultimately more effective.

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